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  • All-star Canadian cast perform The Last Waltz at CNE

    Goers to the CNE on Sunday will have an opportunity to catch a tribute to The Last Waltz – A Musical Celebration of THE BAND.

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  • Mark Wigmore's Top 5 - Weekend of August 28th

    It’s the weekend and that means Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore has his Top 5 ideas for your final August summer weekend.

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  • New Orleans: the stuff of legends

    At the risk of having my JAZZ.FM91 membership revoked, I will admit that my love for New Orleans didn’t start with the music, at least not directly.

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  • Hologram USA CEO Alki David shares vision of visuals

    For the last few years Holograms of famous pop stars have been beamed into exclusive concert experiences all over the planet, but in the next 24 months we may see holograms take the starring role on s

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  • Review: No Escape

    When you think "political/action thriller," Owen Wilson might be near the bottom of your list as a go-to leading man.

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