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  • Jr. Jazz Jam featuring Autorickshaw on April 26th

    JAZZ.FM9, The Daniels Corporation and Toronto Community Housing present Junior Jazz Jam, a free monthly interactive music series for kids at the Paintbox Bistro. The series feature unique educational

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  • Jazz Journalists Association Hands Out Music Awards

    Maria Schneider and Wayne Shorter were the big winners in this year's Jazz Journalists Association Awards music categories.

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  • Interview - Lisa Fischer

    What makes a vocal virtuoso? Well... some say it's range, control of pitch, excellent sense of time, solid tone stylistic malleability and the ability to illicit emotional responses from all those who

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  • It is not too late!

    Thousands  of donors, who understand the value of listener supported JAZZ. FM 91, made the decision to renew their support during this spring early giving time.  Tell us that you love our programmin

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  • Jazz 101: The Beginner's Guide To Jazz

    JAZZ.FM91 is proud to announce the spring release of our jazz appreciation course, “Jazz 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Jazz.” Designed for jazz fans, this course is an interactive and engaging gu

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Legendary guitarist Mike Stern answers a few questions for us.

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