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    Int. Jazz Safaris


    JAZZ.FM91 presents an International Jazz Safari that takes you to the city that has made its mark on jazz and the blues.  The city that's home to Muddy Waters and Nat 'King' Cole ... and so many other great artists.

    JAZZ.FM91 & CAA Club Group Int. Jazz Safari to NYC

    JAZZ.FM91 presents a safari that takes you to the scene of jazz greats, in the city that never sleeps with its energy, bright lights and excitement.

    JAZZ.FM91 & CAA Club Group Int. Jazz Safari to Cuba!

    Unfortunately the International Jazz Safari to Cuba is now SOLD OUT:

    On January 21st, we're going back with the 2018 International Jazz Safari to Cuba.

    All of the details are currently being realized, musicians are being booked, rooms put on hold and a trip to Havana at your finger tips. 

    International Jazz Safaris

    Be a part of one of our International Jazz Safaris with CAA Club Group!

    From Chicago to New Orleans to Italy, the JAZZ.FM91 International Jazz Safaris are your passport to experience jazz around the world.  CAA Club Group is the official Travel Insurance Sponsor of all JAZZ.FM91 International Jazz Safaris.

    Check back monthly for new destinations!

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